Tsumoto shiki series

Tsumoto Style Light for Anisakis Finding

Hapyson x Tsumoto Method 
【The black light (UV light) to find Anisakis】

The Hapyson light uses high-transmittance lens and maximized UV intensity, making it easy to see and find out Anisakis even in a bright room!
In addition, it’s completely waterproof, so it can be washed completely, can be used in the kitchen, and is hygienic!

The Hapyson light can illuminate Anisakis.

  • The black light (UV light) to find Anisakis, that is supervised by Mr. Tsumoto.
  • IPX7 with no effect even when immersed in water.
  • The wavelength of light that illuminate Anisakis clearly on the cutting board, in fish meat or internal organs of fish.
  • The high-power black light is with a completely different amount of light from  general black lights. The UV intensity is approx. 11mW/cm2 (when measuring 20cm ahead).
  • The Hapyson light is easy to see and find out Anisakis even in a bright room!

    ※Safety Precautions※
  • Do not leave the light on.
  • Do not look directly at the light source. Because it emits strong UV light, it may cause severe eye damage.!

There is no way to remove Anisakis except by looking at it with the naked eye.

If you have the Anisakis light, you want to find out Anisakis!

Please refer to the following articles although they are in Japanese!

Light for Anisakis Finding


【Anisakis is illuminated with Hapyson black light!】                                                          Newly released “Light for Anisakis Finding” from Tsumoto Method series!


【The 4th Item of Tsumoto Method Series】 Released Tsumoto style light for Anisakis finding, that is a breakthrough item by Hapyson to find out Anisakis with only illuminating it.


≪Surprised!≫ A lot of Anisakis in mackerel! Surprised with the scene that find out and exterminate Anisakis illuminating it with the light.


Testing “Tsumoto Style Light for Anisakis Finding”! And found out Anisakis in mackerel and walleye.


型番 価格 JAN code
YF-980 オープン価格 4571383194427
Dimensions Approx.26×29×160㎜
Battery Alkaline battery Size LR6 (AA) x 2pcs (sold separately)
Battery Life Approx. 0.5 hours with Alkaline batteries
Light Source UV LED x 1
Wavelength 365nm
UV Intensity Approx. 11mW/cm2 (when measuring 20cm ahead)
Weight Approx. 135g (included batteries)
Waterproof IPX7




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