Rechargeable 12Ah Battery Pack for Medium/Small Electric Reel

  • About 200 charge/discharge cycles. Maintenance-free small storage battery!
  • With battery level checker (LED display)
  • Easy to clean by wiping with water.
  • Comes with a dedicated charger that works to prevent overcharging.
About carry-on Lithium-ion batteries on board

Battery packs for electric reels may be restricted from being carried onboard as dangerous goods. Before using an airplane, please check with your airline company.

Safety Precautions
  • Be sure to read “Safety Precautions” of the user’s manual and use the product correctly and safely.
  • Be sure to observe the following. If you handle the battery pack incorrectly, may cause leackage, short circuit, heat generation, or explosion and cause damage to the pack, fire, eyes damage, or burn.
  • Do not use for purposes other than electric reels. Doing so may cause an ignition explosion.
  • Keep away from fire. Doing so, hydrogen gas is generated from the battery, which may cause an ignition explosion.
  • Do not touch the ⊕ and ⊖ terminals with metal tools, etc. Doing so may cause an ignition explosion.
型番 価格 JAN code
YQ-118 オープン価格 4571383190795
Voltage DC12V
Max. Capacity 12Ah (20h discharge rate)
Charge/Discharge Count Approx. 200 times (according to JIS C8702 durability test)
Charging Hours Approx. 17 hours
Dimensions Approx. 185mm x 140mm x 215mm
Weight 約4.9kg
Approx. 4.9kg Accessories
Exclusive Charger x 1pc



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