Battery Compact for Electric Reel

You can move around the ship while holding the rod without worrying about code!

Released compact shaped battery pack with full of useful functions for small or medium electric reels!

Repeated combustion test many times to secure high quality and safety!
Even compact design, high power (14.4V) and capacity (6.7Ah) to be able to use the electric reel with full specifications all the day.

  • Belt: Attaching to the body with the belt, can move around in the boat.
  • USB Output: Can recharge a mobile phone through the USB port.
  • Indicator: Can check the remaining battery capacity anytime.
  • LED light: Can light approx. 3 weeks continuously in case of emergency.

★ The body is washable, but do not submerge it in water or place it in a place where it is exposed to seawater.

About the charge
  • Be sure to charge the battery pack before and after use.
  • Be sure to charge the battery pack with the exclusive adaptor and power cord.
  • When not use for a long time, charge the battery pack more than once a year.
  • Do not connect the charging terminal to the plus or minus terminal of the main body in reverse. If so, it may cause sparks.
About carry-on Lithium-ion batteries on board
  • Most of the airline companies allow hand carry-on of lithium battery less than 100Wh in the airplane. ※The check-in baggage is not allowed.
  • The battery compact of 96.5Wh is allowed the hand carry-on.
  • But, as there may be a limit on the number, contact each airline company to confirm it. (as of Aug. 2020)
Safety Precautions
  • Be sure to read “Safety Precautions” of the user’s manual and use the product correctly and safely.
  • If you handle the battery pack incorrectly, may cause leackage, short circuit, heat generation, or explosion and cause damage to the pack, fire, eyes damage, or burn.

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釣り関連の電気系アイテムを手掛けるブランド、「ハピソン(Hapyson)」。2020年も多くの新製品がリリースされましたよね。 多くの新作が登場する中、ここで紹介するのは「電動リール用バッテリーコンパクト」。 主に電動リールを使用する釣りで重宝するアイテムなのですが、コダワリが詰まりに詰まっていますので、紹介していきたいと思います! ハピソンの2020年新製品情報はこちらをチェック! https:

型番 価格 JAN code
YQ-105 オープン価格 4571383193239
Battery Lithium-ion battery 14.4V, 6.7Ah, 96.5Wh
Rated Output ⊕⊖ Terminal: 14.4V/6.7Ah
USB Terminal: 5V/13.5Ah
Operated Temperature 0 ~ 40℃
Charge/Discharge Count Approx. 300 times
Charging Hours Approx. 4.5 hours (at 20℃ with exclusive adaptor)
Dimensions Approx. 135mm(W) x 165mm(H) x 70mm(D)
Weight Approx. 1kg (without accessories)
Accessories Exclusive Adaptor x 1pc
Power Cord x 1pc
Belt x 1pc



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