Headlamps and chest lights

Rechargeable Chest Light with Orange Filter –  INTIRAY Rechargeable

Equipped with an orange filter to make orange light that is difficult to stimulate fish!

The orange filter makes night games even more comfortable!

Stable designed rechargeable chest light that does not shake or shift. 10-variety of lights can assist comfortable night fishing. This chest light is ideal!

Mr. Katsumi Yabe who is very famous in Ajing requires mobility, long use and brightness for fishing light. Using rechargeable Lithium battery, can realize longer use and 15%(*) weight saving. ((*) compared with YF-200)

  • The chest light is equipped a orange filter that is effective to avoid insect approach and not to make fish excite.
  • When not use the orange filter, please turn it to downward and can use original light source.
  • The brightness without filter is same as YF-201.
  • For the customers have already INTIRAY chest light, only orange filter as single item (Model No.: YF-20DF) is released at the same time.
  • The battey layout make stability at chest .
  • The stable design also can feel light weight.
  • Mobility up for fishing ・Can use at low temperature with lithium battery.
  • 10-variety of lights
  • The boost function of approx. 10,000lx/600lm can light an object of 500m ahead.
  • Ultra diffused light that expands the field of vision with approx. 600lx/200lm
  • Can be used even in the rain with IPX5.
  • Concentrated and Diffuse Light

Lure News related article in Japanese ↓↓↓↓


アジングにメバリング。 ナイトゲームが特に楽しくなるこれからの季節。出番が多くなってきますよね「ライト類」。形状や大きさにタイプなども色々。 コンビニでサッと入手して交換も簡単だから電池派、突然電源が切れるのが嫌でマメに充電したいから充電式がイイに決まっているという話を、釣り場までの道中にして盛り上がったりすることも。 さて、ヘッドライトをお探しの皆さんへ、今回はハピソンの鬼定番アイテム、「チェス


ナイトゲームの必需品、”ヘッドライト”。 形や大きさ、電池式に充電式、明るさを調整できたり…実に様々なヘッドライトがあります。 「今の時代、コンビニでスグに手に入るし電池派!」 「いやいや、車でも充電できるし絶対充電式の方がいい!」 なんて、仲間と盛り上がったりするのも、釣りの道中の楽しい時間。 さて、今回ご紹介するのはハピソンの特殊な機能が搭載されたヘッドライト。   充電式オレンジフ

型番 価格 JAN code
YF-201F オープン価格 4571383192935
Brightness Concentrated Light High Mode: Approx. 3,600lx/200lm
Concentrated Light Low Mode: Approx. 1,000lx/50lm
Concentrated Light Very Low Mode: Approx. 120lx/7lm
Diffuse Light High Mode: Approx. 600lx/200lm
Diffuse Light Low Mode: Approx. 100lx/30lm
Double Mode: Approx. 4,200lx/400lm
Boost Mode: Approx. 10,000lx/600lm
Battery Life at 20℃ Concentrated Light High Mode: Approx. 4.5 hours continuously
Concentrated Light Low Mode: Approx. 18 hours continuously
Concentrated Light Very Low Mode: Approx. 110 hours continuously
Diffuse Light High Mode: Approx. 45 hours continuously
Diffuse Light Low Mode: Approx. 22 hours continuously
Double Mode: Approx. 2 hours continuously
Emergency Mode: Approx. 60 hours continuously
Red Light Mode: Approx. 52 hours continuously
Red Marker Mode: Approx. 2,400 hours continuously
Light Source White High Power LED x 2pcs
Red High Brightness LED x 2pcs
Battery Lithium-ion battery 3.7V, 2,600mAh, 9.4Wh
Charging Time at 20℃ Approx. 8 hours
Dimensions Approx. 80 x 118 x 52mm
Weight Approx. 170g (included built-in battery)
Waterproof IPX5 (Jet-proof type)
Accessories Strap with Adjuster x 1pc
USB Cable x 1



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