Float rig

Tachi-float Rig Set of Kattobi-ball

Introducing Tachi-float rig set with Kattobi-ball that is new fishing method that have beome a hot topic now!

Setting up aleady then just buy the bait!
Tachi-float rig for light game tackle.

  • New fishing method using Kattobi-ball of glowing float rig can aim for wider fishing area compared to float fishing.
  • Setting up aleady then just buy the bait!
  • Using the rig of fluorocarbon and composite metal, effective fishing method with slow sinking naturally for hairtail that doesn’t respond to lure.
  • Two rig sets included.
  • With ready-to-use batteries/2pcs of BR311

※タチフロート(Tachi-float) is Hapyson’s registered trademark.

型番 価格 JAN code
YF-303-BS オープン価格 4571383192997
YF-303-GS オープン価格 4571383193000
YF-305-BS オープン価格 4571383193017
YF-305-GS オープン価格 4571383193024
YF-307-BS オープン価格 4571383193031
YF-307-GS オープン価格 4571383193048
Set Content Kattobi-ball x 1pc
Wire of mid-passing x 1pc
Lithium Pin Battery BR311 x 2pcs
Rig x 2sets (Rig Content: Fluorocarbon 4gou, Composite Metal 3gou, Fishing Hook with Ring 4gou, Flat-type Fishing Hook 5gou, each 1pc)
Color of LED Chip BS: Blue
GS: Green
Weight YF-307 (SS): Approx. 5.5g (included batteries)
YF-305 (FS): Approx. 6.0g (included batteries)
YF-303 (XS): Approx. 7.0g (included batteries)
(Weight is only Kattobi-ball included batteries.)
Sinking Speed YF-307 (SS): Approx. 7 seconds/m
YF-305 (FS): Approx. 5 seconds/m
YF-303 (XS): Approx. 3 seconds/m
(Sinking speed at 3% of salinity)
Overall Length Approx. 720mm
Dimensions of Kattobi-ball YF-307/305: Approx. φ20 x 27.5mm
YF-303: Approx. φ20 x 30mm
Battery Lithium Pin Battery BR311 x 2pcs (included)
Battery Life Approx. 6 hours continuously



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