Category 1 Category 2
Float Rig・Luring Lamp Float Rig
Underwater Luring Lamp & Fish Gathering Light
Luring Floodlight
Measurement Series Measurement Application & The Related Products
Measurement Grip
Line Twister・ Fish Hook Knotter・
Line Cutter・Electric Line Winder
Electric Line Winder
Line Spool for Replacement
Line Twister・Line Cutter
Fish Hook Knotter
Air Pump・UV LED Light Accumulator Air Pump
UV LED Light Accumulator
Battery Pack  
Chest Light  
Light Series to Choose ①
- Rich Line Up -
LED Headlamp
Underwater Light
Light Series to Choose ②
- for More Comfortable Night Fishing Game -
Bucket Mouth Light
Lighting Net HARD ・Lighting Net
Back Marker
Electric Float・Rod Light Electric Float
Rod Light
Wakasagi Reel  
Tsumoto Method Series  

The products themselves are only Japanese version.