● Electric Line Winder

YH-800 YH-800 Figure

Electric Line Winder

Model No: YH-800 Operated with the included AC
From reel to spool, from spool to reel, possible to wind in both directions!
Make your fishing comfortable by winding the fishing line well!
  • From reel to spool, from spool to reel, it's possible to wind in both directions.
  • Easy to wind even long line with the speed control function.
  • PE lines between 0.5号~6号(10lb~90lb) are compatible with the tention control function of max. 3kg.
  • Three ways to secure the line winder using included vise, included bars for feet fixing, or string.
  • Various spools are available.
  • 【Operating Temp.】 5~40℃
  • 【Dimensions】Approx.230㎜(W)x215㎜(D)x165㎜(H)
  • 【Weight】 Approx. 1.8kg
  • 【Compatible PE Line】 0.5~6号 (10~90lb)
  • 【Tension】 Approx. 0.5~3kg
  • 【Accessory】 Adaptor x 1, Vise x 1,
  • Spool x 1, Bar for feet fixing x 2
  • Adaptor
  • 【Rating Input】 AC 100V - 240V 50/60Hz
  • 【Rating Output】 DC 15V 1500mA
  • 【Length of Cord】 Approx. 1.8m
  • 【Weight】 Approx. 120g

■Winding the line to a spool

Easy to wind the line over 500m with the electric power.

  • ● Speed control function with continuously variable
  • ● Various spools are available.
  • ● One big size spool included.

■Winding the line to a reel applying
  a certain amount of tension

Can change the tension applying the thickness of line.

■When a single spool
  is attached

■When a set of 6
  spools is attached

■Standard tension for PE line

PE Line Tension
0.5-0.9号 1
1号 1 - 2
1.5号 2 - 3
2号 2 - 4
3号 3 - 5
4号 3 - 6
5-6号 4 - 7

■3 ways to secure the line winder

【with included vise】

Included vise to secure on a desk or table

【with included bars】

Using included bars, easy to operate the line winder sitting down on a chair

【with a string】

Can secure the line winder using a string through the hole of the winder.
(Recommended string diameter is 10mm or less.)