● Luring Floodlight

Luring lamp may be regulated as a fishing tool depending on the area.

Please follow the rules of the local area.

For Japan, please refer to the Fisheries Agency website.

Luring Floodlight with High Brightness LED Luring Floodlight with High Brightness LED

The exclusive bag is convenient to carry.
The attached D-ring is to prevent falling.

Luring Floodlight
with High Brightness LED

YF-502 Dry batteries Size D (R20/LR20) x 4pcs
(sold separately)
Collect fish to the water surface!
Great for night site fishing!
  • Collecting fish to the water surface, narrow the hitting point area.
  • Blue-green with 500nm of the wave length attracts fish and lamp color can use at variety seen. Both colors are available with simple switching.
  • Adjustable angle according to the hitting point. And can make the boudary between bright and dark intentionally.
  • Can be used in the rain (IPX4)
  • Usable not only for Horse Mackerel and Rockfish but also for Hairtail and Firefly Squide.
  • 【Battery】4pcs of Dry batteries Size D(LR20/R20)
  • (sold separately)
  • 【Light Source】Blue-green LED、Lamp color LED
  • 【Operated Temp.】0 ~ 40℃
  • 【Battey Life (at 20℃】
  • Blue-green: Approx.10 hours continuously
  • Lamp color: Approx.10 hours continuously
  • (using Panasonic Alkaline batteries)
  • 【Brightness】Blue-green : Approx. 150lm
  • Lamp color:Approx. 300lm
  • 【Waterproof】IPX4
  • 【Dimensions】Approx. 125mm(L)x130mm(W)x200mm(H)
  • (when the hook is stored and the swing part is loated in sideways)
  • 【Weight】Approx. 1.3kg
  • (included the exclusive bag and 4pcs of Panasonic Alkaline batteries)
  • 【Accessory】Exclusive bag

Image of Use

■ Color of light to attract fish

Many kinds of fish react with 500nm of the wave length (blue-green). Equipping the blue-green LED, can attract the target effectively even at long distance and can expect bigger fishing result.

■ Making the hit area

Irradiating the LED light, can make the boundary of bright and dark intentionally to make the hit area.

The luring effect appears between 30 minutes and 1 hour after switching on and placing.

*Recommend primary batteries for the appliances which have the function of drip proof, water proof, or underwater. When use rechargeable batteries, please note the following points.
 ・Do not use different types or used and new of batteries together.
 ・Remove the batteries from the appliance after use.
 ・Charge the batteries fully before use.
 Otherwise, gas may be generated and cause damage to the applicance.