Traps and floats

High Bright LED Weighted Float

  • Uses high bright LED!
Target Fish

  Hairtail,  Seabass, Horse mackerel

※When doing turn-on / turn-off the fishing floats, wipe the water droplets of the case with dry hands and make sure water does not enter inside the case.
※All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
※These floats are not repairable.

型番 適合オモリ 価格 JAN code
YF-881 up to 2 gou (7.5g) 4571383190894
YF-882 up to 3 gou (11.2g) 4571383190900
YF-883 up to 6 gou (22.5g) 4571383190917
YF-981 up to 2 gou (7.5g) 4571383191136
YF-982 up to 3 gou (11.2g) 4571383191143
YF-983 up to 6 gou (22.5g) 4571383191150
YF-1081 up to 2 gou (7.5g) 4571383191167
YF-1082 up to 3 gou (11.2g) 45713831901174
YF-1083 up to 6 gou (22.5g) 4571383191181
Greatest φ x Full Length (Approx. mm) YF-881〜883 : 白
YF-981〜983 : 緑
YF-1081〜1083 : 赤
Weight (Approx. g, included battery) YF-881 : φ50×127
YF-882 : φ52×177
YF-883 : φ56×177
YF-981 : φ50×127
YF-982 : φ52×177
YF-983 : φ56×177
YF-1081 : φ50×127
YF-1082 : φ52×177
YF-1083 : φ56×177
LED Color YF-881, 882, 883: White
YF-981, 982, 983: Green
YF-1081, 1082, 1083: Red
Light Source Bulb shaped LED
Battery (sold separately) YF-881, YF-981, YF-1081: Dry battery LR6/R6(AA) x 1
YF-882, YF-982, YF-1082: Dry battery LR6/R6(AA) x 2
YF-883, YF-983,YF-1083: Dry battery LR6/R6(AA) X 2
Battery Life 連続約24時間
Approx. 24 hours continuously (with Panasonic Alkaline Batteries)



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