● UV LED Accumulator

UV LED Accumulator with Jig Holder

UV LED Accumulator with Jig Holder

 YF-970JH  discretionary price

For Deep Sea Jigging.
Accumulate light to a metal jig by UV LED.
A metal jig can be accumulated in 10 seconds!
It comes with a jig holder. You can keep a jig safely in the holder while you are on a boat.

  • Set the jig holder on the broadside and accumulate a jig before arriving at the fishing point.
  • A jig can be accumulated on its both sides at the same time and the jig holder has adjustment to place the best position to accumulate a jig.
  • <Jig Holder>
  • 【Size】Approx. 74x67x198mm
  • 【Weight】Approx. 150g
  • <Accumulator case>
  • 【Size】Approx. 68x32x102mm
  • 【Weight】Approx. 40g
※YF-970JH comes with a jig holder,
accumulator case and UV LED Accumulator (YH-970).



UV LED Accumulator

*Need 2 AA batteries (NOT including)
 discretionary price

Metal jig, UV lure, UV worm can be accumulated quickly!

  • LED UV light can be radiated for 10 seconds.
  • You can use as hand light.
  • 【Battery Life/ When using alkaline batteries】
  • Approx.700times
  • (When light is emitted 10 seconds every minute at 20℃.)
  • 【Light source】UV LED ×1 White LED ×1
  • 【Size】Approx.47×25×96mm
  • 【Weight】Approx.85g (Including batteries)

UV Sniper

(Ready-to-use/ Including 2 of
CR2025 batteries)
 discretionary price

Collaboration with 34!

Can accumulate light onto a pinpoint to the glow worm by one push!

  • Radiate with UV by purple LED.
  • Included a Marker that you can measure fish by using Hapyson Measurement App.
  • 【Size】31×11×152mm
  • 【Weight】30g
  • 【Maximum measurement size】Up to 50cm
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■Comes with a pin-on-reel