● Battery Pack

Battery Compact for Electric Reel

■ Full of Useful Functions

Battery Compact for Electric Reel

YQ-105 Lithium-ion battery
14.4V, 6.7Ah, 96.5Wh
Released compact shaped battery pack with full of useful functions for small or medium electric reels!
● Repeated combustion test many times to secure high quality and safety! ● Even compact design, high power (14.4V) and capacity (6.7Ah) to be able to use the electric reel with full specifications all the day.

< Full of Useful Functions >

  • Belt: Attaching to the body with the belt, can move around in the boat.
  • USB Output: Can recharge a mobile phone through the USB port.
  • Indicator: Can check the remaining battery capacity anytime.
  • LED light: Can light approx. 3 weeks continuously in case of emergency.
  • 【Battery】Lithium-ion battery
  • 【Rated Output】⊕⊖ Terminal:14.4V 6.7Ah
  • USB Terminal:5V 13.5Ah
  • 【Operated Temperature】0 ~ 40℃
  • 【Charge/Discharge Count】Approx. 300 times
  • 【Charging Hours】Approx. 4.5hours
  • (at 20℃、with exclusive adaptor)
  • 【Dimensions】Approx. 135mm(W)x165mm(H)x70mm(D)
  • 【Weight】Approx. 1kg (without Accessories)
  • 【Accessories】Exclusive Adaptor x 1、
  • Power Cord x 1、Belt x 1

※ The body is washable, but do not submerge it in water or place it in a place where it is exposed to seawater.

■ About the charge

  • ● Be sure to charge the battery pack before and after use.
  • ● Be sure to charge the battery pack with the exclusive adaptor and power cord.
  • ● When not use for a long time, charge the battery pack more than once a year.
  • ● Do not connect the charging terminal to the plus or minus terminal of the main body in reverse. If so, it may cause sparks,

■ About carry-on on lithium-ion batteries on board

Most of the airline companies allow hand carry-on of lithium battery less than 100Wh in the airplane. ※The check-in baggage is not allowed.
The battery compact of 96.5Wh is allowed the hand carry-on. But, as there may be a limit on the number, contact each airline company to confirm it.
(as of Aug. 2020)

Safety Precautions

※ Be sure to read "Safety Precautions" of the user's manual and use the product correctlyl and safely.
※ If you handle the battery pack incorrectly, may cause leackage, short circuit, heat generation, or explosion and cause damage to the pack, fire, eyes damage, or burn.